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What is Hemp?

Hemp or Marijuana?

The main difference from Hemp and Marijuana is the THC level. Simply both hemp and marijuana are scientifically designated cannabis. Legally in the united states the cannabis plant can be designated as hemp based on that main factor, the amount of THC. So, hemp is any cannabis plant that has less than 3% THC, and marijuana is any cannabis plant with more than 3% THC, from a legal stand point.

There are three main cannabis species widely recognized in the science community. The two species mainly known for high THC content are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica (or a cross of both species), while the final species Cannabis Ruderalis is mainly considered wild and can have THC levels lower than 3% THC. When it comes to visible recognition, it’s very hard to tell the difference of each species; though leaf size, structure, and color can sometimes hint at the species type.

Differences between THC and CBD

THC and CBD are two of 483 known substances found in the cannabis plant.

THC is the main active chemical that causes the psychoactive effects common to marijuana. THC can be found in it’s active form as THC, or in it’s inactive form THCa. Heat causes the inactive THCa to change into it’s active form of THC, which is why many people choose to cook or smoke marijuana.

CBD is an inactive chemical found in cannabis that has been shown to have positive effects on inflammatory diseases and other common ailments. This is the substance that is sought after in the growing CBD product movement, and the chemical we strive to extract from hemp grown in Georgia.

Now you know!

Now you know the main legal differences of hemp and marijuana. Watch for our other posts on this subject in the future! Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve gained some insight into this growing industry of hemp farming in Georgia.


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