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The Creation of The Archaic Farmstead

The Archaic Farmstead is a manifestation of years of work and experience. My name is William Rodriguez, I am the owner of The Archaic Farmstead, and it’s sister company Archaic Roots, additionally I operate two other businesses W.A.R. Graphic Arts and Georgia Hemp Grow Consultant.

I have been working toward the concept of The Archaic Farmstead for many years. Starting with my love for the Earth and plants at a young age, I’ve always enjoyed the bountiful natural world. I started growing small gardens as a young adult living in the suburbs of Atlanta. As I got older, and started having children, my goal was to own a home and land, and in 2010 that dream came true with the purchase of my property.

The land was beautiful to my suburban eyes, nestled in the southern reaches of the Appalachian wilderness. Along with the beauty of the mountains, and the wonderful monolithic dome home structure on the property, I feel in love with what it could become. Not long after moving in, the farm animals started being part of our family. Beginning with a goat, then to chickens and other animals such as guinea fowl, turkey, ducks, and rabbits.

Two years later my oldest son was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder, not long after being vaccinated. The possible death of my oldest child was a instant flash of reality, a surreal time filled with emotions and the winds of change. After being told that the only treatment available to keep my child alive was chemotherapy drugs and high doses of steroids each day, I decided to find a more natural path to his healing. After some research, I found a doctor in California who specialized in successfully treating immune related issues such as lupus with CBDs from cannabis.

Hemp (cannabis) plant

This is how CBD become an important factor in my life and the future farmstead. We picked up our lives, which included my two sons and expecting wife, and moved to California, with the help of many people along the way. My son received this legal prescription and we started seeing the results, growing the few high CBD strains available in 2012, and learning more about the various benefits of cannabis.

The mountains of Appalachia soon called us back, we couldn’t live the life we wanted in California, so we moved back to Georgia. Upon arriving we soon realized the great measure and cost of getting the proper medicine for my child, and his remission soon faded. It was fairly impossible to get the medicine he needed, there was no one extracting CBDs at that time, and all other products available had THC in them, which we couldn’t give to a child. In California we juiced the raw leaves of high CBD cannabis, when the THC was still in acid form and was not psychoactive. But in Georgia we could legally grow cannabis, so juicing leaves wasn’t an option. Even possessing any form of cannabis extraction was illegal at the time, even if it had only THCa (the acid form of THC which is non-psychoactive) in it.

So, we decided to do what we had to in order to keep our child’s natural medicine available for him, even if it costs me hundreds of dollars a month. I also decided to educate whomever I could about the benefits of CBD and cannabis.

Around 2013 is also when I started breeding rabbits, first to just for extra protein for my family, but eventually it became a great hobby and source of food. After a few years experimenting with a few different breeds, I decided to focus on the Silver Fox breed. For me Silver Fox are some of the most resilient, are a great size with a decent growth rate, and have some of the calmest natures.

I started selling the rabbits just last year, when I decided to try and share this awesome rabbit breed with others, and try to make a little extra income to help pay for the expenses of keeping rabbits. 2019 is also the year Georgia decided to finalize the legal hemp farming industry. With my experience with CBD and growing cannabis, I soon decided to try to integrate this growing agricultural industry into my farm. At first being part of my business Archaic Roots, but this year I decided to divide the company and start The Archaic Farmstead.

We recently received our license for hemp farming in Georgia, and are already on our way into this years growing season. In the fall we will have the first commercially available crop of hemp (cannabis) in about 100 years.

The Archaic Farmstead provides pedigree Silver FOx rabbits, rabbit related products such as green skins and manure, CBD hemp grow tours and educational workshops, and CBD products such as full spectrum oil, CBD isolate, and CBD infused products.

Our Farmstead also has some great additions to our future expansion coming this year. We hope to be expanding into offering propagated rare southern Appalachian plants, medicinal plants, and other locally produced products. Keep up with us on our social media networks or via this website.

If your child requires CBD please reach out, we have a special program for you specifically. We also would like to sign you up for our Pay it Forward program, where you get free CBD products of your choice.


William Rodriguez

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