What is CBD (Cannabadiol)?

Cannabadiol (aka CBD) is just one of the many chemicals found in the cannabis plant (hemp or marijuana). With the passage of the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill, cannabis containing less than .3% THC was designated legal hemp. Which made it possible for farmers to start growing high CBD hemp plants legally in the U.S., something that hasn’t been possible since the 1970’s, with the start of the “War on Drugs”.

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How I found out about Cannabadiol

The benefits of CBD has been studied for close to a decade. I first heard about it in 2012 when I was researching natural and holistic ways to treat my son’s immune disorder. At the time we had tried everything we could; from dietary changes (which helped) to homeopathic and other holistic directions. During my research I found out how CBD had been shown to help regulate immune disorders such as MS, crones disease, and lupus.

The main issue was that no one was extracting CBD from cannabis, so there was only two options for ingestion; full spectrum oil (which had the psychoactive chemical THC) or juicing raw cannabis leaf (which was non-psychoactive). Both of those options were illegal in the state of Georgia in 2012, which lead to another hurdle.

So, considering the options, either losing my child to harsh drugs prescribed by his doctor, losing my kids to the state for giving him an illegal medicine in the state, or moving to the West coast were it was medically legal. I chose moving to the West and giving CBD a chance.

We moved, got him a prescription, and started growing the first high CBD cannabis strains (AC/DC and Harlequin) and juicing them every day. Within a week, we could tell a difference in his health from these two shot glasses of leaf juice a day. That is what has helped to keep my son healthy when it was available, and started my path toward cannabis advocacy and eventually farming hemp in Georgia.

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What are the health benefits of CBD?

From my own experience, anecdotal as it may be, there’s promising directions for the treatment of immune related disorders with CBD or another cannabinoids in the future. Many have found the symptoms they get from immune related issues are greatly reduced with CBD, and some even get full relief from their immune issues.

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Other benefits can include things such as anxiety reduction, lower blood pressure, lower intestinal inflammation, reducing depression symptoms, and reducing paranoia. Some have found improved reduction of alcohol and nicotine addictions, increased appetite, chronic pain relief, inflammation reduction, and stress relief. Considering cannabis plants contain a wide assortment of endocannabinoids, I am sure many future benefits will be found. These chemicals are so similar to natural chemicals necessary to human bodies, it’s hard not to expect many more future findings expounding on the benefits of the cannabis plant. We’ve just begun to touch the surface of the many cannabinoids in cannabis (hemp) plants.

How do you ingest CBD?

There are many options for ingesting CBD for it’s health benefits.

One of the best ways to get higher doses of CBD is to find a high milligram content tincture. Many of these tinctures go from 250mg to 3000mg per bottle, which equals higher concentrations for increased results. The major factor that has the best results seems to be saturating your whole body with as much CBD or other endocannabinoids as possible, which is why higher dose products are best.

Another group of popular products are things like salves or lotions. Which are basically a mixture of CBD and some base substance like coconut oil, and other minor additions. Many of these products come with additional infusions of medicinal plants or essential oils. These can be great for physical pain reduction, especially for targeting certain areas of your body. This product also works great for the many mental benefits of CBD, but may take a little more time to take effect, it’s also harder to get higher doses with this method.

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Many people prefer to smoke hemp flower to ingest their CBD. This is another suitable option for many. Another benefit of smoking hemp can be a reduction of addictive habits such as cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. Hemp smoke is much less harmful for your lungs, and there are other options such as vaporizers which reduce the negative affects of smoking dramatically.

Depending on your state edibles are another great option for many. Some states allow the sale of edibles with CBD, other states such as Georgia doesn’t. Edibles can come in an array of options. These options can be junk food type edibles such as gummy bears, candy bars, ice cream and etc. Other options you can find can be as expansive as salad dressings, butter, and granola bars. I always suggestion checking the information about your edibles with dose strength and I like to check sourcing references as well.

Consideration for adulterants from the growing or processing processes can contaminate products. So all hemp products should have some sourcing info and links to testing paperwork for each batch of hemp used in that product. This is an important aspect all those looking for health benefits consider when buying hemp products, not all products are made with for total safe consumption.

Overall, CBD can be of great benefit to many looking for alternative health options. Thousands of years of using this plant extensively as humans has given us a connection to this plant like few others. The numerous benefits are amazing to come from a single plant, and I am an avid proponent for hemp and it’s many benefits.


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