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A story of smuggling CBD- Part I

As mentioned in past articles, one of the main reasons I chose to start growing hemp was to provide medicine for my son. CBD has been a huge catalyst for keeping my oldest son healthy since his vaccine injury. This has been something we have used since 2012, so this is based on almost a decade of personal experience.

Koda before he was sick

This all started in early 2012 when my son was first diagnosed with dermatomyositis. I remember the day very well. It was my birthday, January 14th 2012, and that morning I found out the diagnosis of my son’s vaccine injury and found out I have a third child. It was a literal double-edged sword, so much happiness for another life being created, while at the same time, I was devastated by the diagnosis of my son.

This diagnosis meant that it would be easier to find a treatment. That day started my journey into the realm of learning about cannabinoids, specifically CBD. Within the following months, we tried all sorts of techniques, all in an effort to step away from the western medicine’s direction of high dose steroids and methotrexate (a chemo drug for lowering the immune system). Western medicine only knew how to lower his immune system, and since his system was in overdrive, for the doctor’s this was the only approach.

For me, this made little since. I had always been led to natural medicines, especially medicinal plants. This direction of treating the symptoms of my son’s disease (the symptoms being his immune system attacking his body), and not actually treating the cause of this. I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t try to find a treatment for the cause of the immune system being out of balance, not just deal with the symptoms.

This thought, along with my faith in medicinal plants, directed me in the path of learning about immune regulating botanical treatments. After a few weeks, I came across a video online from a cannabis doctor in California who had been successfully treating his wife’s immune disorders such as MS and Lupus.

Dr. William Courtney is the pioneer of cannabis juicing for health, more specifically for treating autoimmune disorders. This was way before anyone was extracting CBD or using hemp for this purpose. At this point, the only way to consume enough CBD for the health benefit was to juice the flowers and leaves. This juicing technique was non-psychoactive, since the THC wasn’t decarboxylated and therefor inactive.

This technique had some great results for his patients (including his wife), so it piqued my interest. After more research and little dramatic results from our other choices, I decided we had no choice but to give this a shot. The only issue was cannabis was illegal in Georgia, and getting fresh leaf was probably going to be impossible and very legally risky.

Trail to the west

After much debate, the only choice I had was to give this a shot. So, I gave up everything I knew to try and save my son. Luckily, a friend of mine offered my family a space for a short-term stay, along with space to grow cannabis for this purpose. Their space was near San Francisco, near the opposite side of the world for me, and the mountains were just starting to feel like home.

First off, I had to find places for my animals, since I had a number of them at the time. Then I had to gather every bit of money I saved, and any donations I could get to make this trip possible. Without help from many friends and family, this endeavor would have been much harder, and I am very grateful for the kindness of those who helped.

So, in a whirlwind of chaos and stress, my two kids, wife and I (along with a dog and a ferret) headed west on an early spring morning, 2012. Four days later, we pulled up to my friend’s home near midnight, exhausted from driving, I was just grateful to stop moving for once. A blanket of peace laid over me for a moment, feeling like the battle for a healthy son was finally coming to a close.

Realm of medicinal cannabis in California

Once there, it didn’t take long to schedule an appointment with Dr. Courtney for my son, and with his diagnosis, it was an easy medical recommendation for the doctor to make. Though, it wasn’t that easy to find high CBD cannabis…

Learn more in part II…


William Rodriguez

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