Harassed for Hemp Farming in Georgia

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon (July 22, 2021) I heard a helicopter over my property for an extended amount of time. Considering I’m a licensed hemp farmer I assumed they were checking my plot, or maybe doing some basic training to help identify cannabis from the air.  When I submitted my license paperwork with the Georgia department of agriculture it’s… Read More »Harassed for Hemp Farming in Georgia

The Creation of The Archaic Farmstead

The Archaic Farmstead is a manifestation of years of work and experience. My name is William Rodriguez, I am the owner of The Archaic Farmstead, and it’s sister company Archaic Roots, additionally I operate two other businesses W.A.R. Graphic Arts and Georgia Hemp Grow Consultant. I have been working toward the concept of The Archaic Farmstead for many years. Starting… Read More »The Creation of The Archaic Farmstead