Forest Farm Walkabout Spring 2022

Walk with me as I explore the forest farm portion of our property. Check on the wasabi, rattlesnake plantain and bloodroot, watch the dogs play in the creek, enjoy nature and Native American flute music. Southern Appalachia forest farming at Archaic Farmstead. Video and Audio by William A. Rodriguez #forestfarm #wasabi #bloodroot #agroforestry #appalachia #rabuncounty #forestfarming #rattlesnakeplantain #medicinalplants #botanicals

Forest Farming in Southern Appalachia

For a number of years, I have been working with permaculture techniques, expanding my personal farming experience for self-sufficiency and natural homeostasis. It started with little things like helping some indigenous medicinal plants on my property thrive better in the locations I found them. Then, I started planting medicinal and edibles for future use; things such as pawpaw, plantain, blackberry,… Read More »Forest Farming in Southern Appalachia