Forest Farm Walkabout Spring 2022

Walk with me as I explore the forest farm portion of our property. Check on the wasabi, rattlesnake plantain and bloodroot, watch the dogs play in the creek, enjoy nature and Native American flute music. Southern Appalachia forest farming at Archaic Farmstead. Video and Audio by William A. Rodriguez #forestfarm #wasabi #bloodroot #agroforestry #appalachia #rabuncounty #forestfarming #rattlesnakeplantain #medicinalplants #botanicals

Forest Farming in Southern Appalachia

For a number of years, I have been working with permaculture techniques, expanding my personal farming experience for self-sufficiency and natural homeostasis. It started with little things like helping some indigenous medicinal plants on my property thrive better in the locations I found them. Then, I started planting medicinal and edibles for future use; things such as pawpaw, plantain, blackberry,… Read More »Forest Farming in Southern Appalachia

Georgia’s Confusing Hemp Rules are Undermining the Industry

In September, all licensed Georgia hemp farmers and processors received an email stating public comments were open for changes to the 2022 hemp rules. The Department of Agriculture gave examples of the proposed changes, and offered until middle October for anyone to make comments on the rules. Below are my comments on the current rules, and my perspective on positive… Read More »Georgia’s Confusing Hemp Rules are Undermining the Industry

Regulations Suffocating Georgia Hemp Farmers

My passion for hemp and CBD started nearly a decade ago. The experience of watching CBD help my son come back from near death, related to a vaccine injury which led to a rare immune disorder called dermatomyositis, opened my eyes to how important cannabis is for the human body. The fairly recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system, and it’s role in the human body, is shedding a light on how important cannabis can be important for the immune system.

Harassed for Hemp Farming in Georgia

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon (July 22, 2021) I heard a helicopter over my property for an extended amount of time. Considering I’m a licensed hemp farmer I assumed they were checking my plot, or maybe doing some basic training to help identify cannabis from the air.  When I submitted my license paperwork with the Georgia department of agriculture it’s… Read More »Harassed for Hemp Farming in Georgia

What is Delta-8 THC?

The newest hemp derived product that’s extremely popular is delta-8 THC (short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol). You’ve probably heard of it’s relative compound, delta-9 (THC), which is the active ingredient in medical cannabis (marijuana). Delta-9 is a scheduled substance meanwhile delta-8 is hemp derived, making Delta-8 federally legal at this time. Delta-9 is known for it’s intoxicating effects. For the last few… Read More »What is Delta-8 THC?

A letter to Georgia politicians about the current hemp bill

This is a letter to all Georgia politicians sharing my perspective on the current hemp bill . Greetings Georgia Politicians! I hope this message finds you well, and with a few minutes to spare to hear from a Georgia citizen. A little about myself-  I am an entrepreneur with multiple businesses in North Georgia, owner of a small Georgia hemp… Read More »A letter to Georgia politicians about the current hemp bill

What is Hemp?

Hemp or Marijuana? The main difference from Hemp and Marijuana is the THC level. Simply both hemp and marijuana are scientifically designated cannabis. Legally in the united states the cannabis plant can be designated as hemp based on that main factor, the amount of THC. So, hemp is any cannabis plant that has less than 3% THC, and marijuana is… Read More »What is Hemp?

The Creation of The Archaic Farmstead

The Archaic Farmstead is a manifestation of years of work and experience. My name is William Rodriguez, I am the owner of The Archaic Farmstead, and it’s sister company Archaic Roots, additionally I operate two other businesses W.A.R. Graphic Arts and Georgia Hemp Grow Consultant. I have been working toward the concept of The Archaic Farmstead for many years. Starting… Read More »The Creation of The Archaic Farmstead