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Silver Fox Rabbit Breeder & CBD Hemp Farm

How are we different

We've been breeding various rabbits for almost a decade, from common to heritage breed rabbits. Currently we focus on heritage breed rabbits called Silver Fox. A rare breed that is on the endangered list for heritage rabbit breeds. We focus on this breed for their health, size, and overall docile demeanor. Breeding for own our meat, sharing the breed with others, and their awesome fertilizer.

We are also a licensed Georgia hemp grow in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Our hemp is grown with organic methods and no pesticides, and not grown with industrial methods like some hemp products on the market (using mineral fertilizers). Once harvested, it is processed at a licensed processing facility in Georgia, and is made into either full spectrum oil or CBD isolate extractions. Once processed, we turn those extracts into a variety of products, and sell the extracts produced from plants on our farm.

*we cannot sell raw hemp or hemp flower in any form, only processed extracts such as full spectrum oil and CBD isolate, or products including those extracts. Please do not request any raw hemp or flower.
We also offer other options for those in need, especially those with kids who require CBD products. Feel free to reach out to learn more about those options and discounts.

Silver Fox Rabbits

Hemp Farming

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Hemp Sponsorship Programs

We offer sponsorship programs with huge incentives and rewards!


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Pay it Forward Sponsorship

Give back to those in need! This sponsorship provides free CBD products to referred individuals (focused on children) with a need for help with the expense of CBD products. With…

Leaf Level Sponsorship

Your sponsorship is a way to become invested into a growing industry, know where and how your hemp is grown and processed, and in return receive your choice of gifts…