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Craft Hemp Farm
in Southern Appalachia

Licensed Georgia Hemp Farm
Silver Fox Rabbit Breeder
Forest Farming & Wildcrafting
Farm Tours and Educational Workshops

How are we different

We were one of the first licensed Georgia hemp farms. Growing craft hemp in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Our hemp is grown with natural organic methods and no pesticides. Once harvested, it is processed at a licensed processing facility, and is made into either full spectrum oil, CBD isolate extractions, or sold as flower. We turn those extracts into a variety of products, and sell the extracts produced from plants on our farm along with smokeable flower.

We've been breeding various rabbits for over a decade, from common to various heritage breed rabbits. Currently, we focus on heritage breed rabbits called Silver Fox. We love this breed for their health, size, and overall docile demeanor. I raise these for meat, fur, fertilizer and breeder stock. We love sharing the breed with others, and utilizing their awesome fertilizer.

Along with those endeavors, our farm also manages forest farming and wild crafting for various medicinal and edible plants.
We also offer options for those in need, especially those with kids who require CBD products. Feel free to reach out to learn more about those options and discounts.

Georgia Hemp Farm located in Rabun county, near Lakemont. Schedule a tour today!

Hemp Farming

Our Products

Forest Farming


From our Blog

Forest Farm Exploration

Walk with me as I explore the forest farm portion of our property. Check on the wasabi, rattlesnake plantain and bloodroot, watch the dogs play in the creek, enjoy nature and Native American flute music. Southern Appalachia forest farming at Archaic Farmstead.

Ancient Botanicals

Unique small batch botanical remedies such as salves and lotions.

Each batch uses organic  and/or wild harvested ingredients & medicinal plants.

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